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What’s next?!!!

June 25, 2010

The newest of all crimes has become even newer! Cyber criminals are no longer board teenage kids looking to have some fun. Cyber crime is not being committed out of curiosity any more but  has fast become a profession with sophisticated Malvare products to market.  In Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report (SIP) which was conducted on 500 million computers around the globe to raise awareness on online threats world-wide.

The report states that attackers are now mostly prompted by the desire for profit and hardly ever  operate on their own.  For example, malware creators seldom conduct attacks themselves, but instead work with other criminals in online black markets to buy and sell malware kits and botnet access, says Desmond Nair, head of Microsoft South Africa’s Server business. 

Nair also added, “The report provides compelling – and chilling – evidence that cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and packaging online threats that are sold on to others. What’s more, we now see clearly that cyber criminals target enterprise and home users differently.” This report raises awareness on online threats to enterprises and individual home users and also provides some remedies on security issues.

What’s your take on it?

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