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WICS 2010

June 29, 2010

 Recently, there was a two-day World Information and Communication Summit (WCIS) 2010 in South Korea where leaders of the Digital world shared a voice on the theme ‘Expanding Digital Economy and Culture’. Malaysia  was one of 15 countries that attended the WCIS. World Information and Communications Summit (WICS) has come a long way since 2005 when it first gathered ICT ministers and vice ministers under the name, World ICT Summit. Having been once called as IT Ministerial Conference in 2007, WICS has continuously carried on its purpose to create a better information society by collaborating and sharing each country’s experience and visions in ICT. 

 Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Dr Rais, who was the Malaysian representative in the conference, said cyber security was one of the topics which Malaysia touched on at the conference. He added that Malaysia did not enforce prohibitions on or censor the internet but there were rations in cyber laws such as the Communication and Multimedia Act governing individuals who committed cyber crimes.

World Information and Communications Summit is probably significant in terms of collaboration of ICT representatives from around the globe to share their experiences and strategies to analyze success and failure cases. The interesting point is WICS suggested that the nations as a whole  set a digital culture right and through a great partnership and collaborations, make the global economy stronger. I hope this will lead to higher cyber security world-wide that Malaysia can also benefit from.

What’s your take on it?