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I’ll take that, thank you very much!

April 22, 2010

It’s been a while that I’ve been receiving emails which are titled “Account Identification” from some well-known banks that I’ve never been a customer of or even attempted to be! Just out of curiosity, I went trough the emails even though it was clear from the start that some thing wasn’t quite right! As far as I know, most banking organizations nowadays don’t send urgent emails requesting the customers to provide information in such a hurry.

After looking at the emails closely, I noticed that they included links that didn’t lead where they appeared to. And also the interesting thing was the reason they wanted that information desperately which was “regular maintenance” turned up an account error of some type! Apparently you will most likely receive a letter in your mail from your bank explaining the situation.

These are the perfect examples of email phishing and email spoofing. It looks like threats for identity theft are everywhere you turn. Your email, your computer, your public records and published information on social networks and even your trash! all make opportunities for scammers to have easy access to your personal information. To prevent identity theft, you must constantly be aware of the ways the scammers will use to have access to your personal, identifying information.

So do your homework! Be suspicious if anyone asks you for your personal information. Always take your time to check whether it is a genuine request.