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Mind your own business!

April 17, 2010

I was doing some reading about the Privacy and Data Security obligations on some popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed. I noticed that  all these social networks are providing the privacy conditions in a same manner. Nothing much to explain, they only represent some certain forms of collecting information about their users, which obviously means us!,  and sharing them with their third parties, in regard of delivering services and better understanding of usage.

Whatever they are collecting in any possible way as much as we provide them, it remains either  in their huge databases or in their third parties’ servers. Once you release a single piece of any kind of data, you can’t take it back. It’s done! Any requested, accessed, corrected or even removed information will be maintained on the servers for an unknown period of time.

What I really don’t get is the reason why users appear to have less concern about their privacy by publishing their personal data through these mediums!  Since the information is given up freely, it puts the spot light on the user and the extent to which the user is aware of the consequences of making their information available for third parties, and obviously falling argument on the service provider!

With everything that I have said, still my concern is at what extent should the social networking provider be responsible both morally and legally for its users’ information. Do they literally process our information fairly and lawfully?