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3G, the Future?

July 1, 2010

I have always been fascinated by technology! There is no question that technology has made life much easier. Out of all the things that have made life easier, I would have to say that the mobile phone is something I can’t live without! and to think that fifteen years ago the mobile phone as we know today was completely different. But now with the coming of 3G  its technology has been revolutionized. 

The Internet has become so much more accessable since the arrival of 3G, making banking and financial transactions more crucial. Experts say the cutting-edge 3G technology will be of great use in the banking sector and will replace internet banking. But it will be an easy target for cyber forensic experts. As faster Internet speed on the go by 3G, the number of frauds will go up too.

Identity and password thefts, phishing activities and hacking into bank accounts will increase and who knows maybe a newer type of cyber crime will emerge. In addition increased accessibility to pornography will be of great concern for all law-enforcing agencies and users. And How are they going to be tracked since there is  lack of convergence in law and cooperation around the globe?  

What’s your take on it?

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